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Friday, 25 October 2019

Everybody needs good neighbours...

            Haters be hating' and London living comes with a few other added pains in the ass, cramped into small spaces means effectively hearing a lot of other peoples lives, for example an Indian couple that lived below me used to have blazing rows in the small hours, Once I heard the guy involved in the rows say (in thick Indian accent) "I will send you to hell with my foot in your ass" which cracked me up. I learned not to get involved in the squalor of city nonsense, don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you (unless your between 18-32, female and like'in some wolf) anyway I play electric guitar and I'd like to provide them with no opportunity to disturb my regular jamming. So imagine my annoyance at finally closing a sexy blonde student who'd flaked numerous times only to be interrupted by a loud banging on the ceiling...fI've nearly finished but I find myself pulling out and feeling a rise of fury at the cheeky cunts, but student calms me down and I forget about it ! next day I get this:

Had me in stitches, at first...

                        The lazy or inept are always nosey and judgemental so I find it funny as fuck, c'est la vie I think, its just more social proof to have a giggle with and DHV myself with, but then a month later, after only one more really crap lay I get this.. 

Right get a brew on, this means war...

                                             The abrasiveness of these sub IQ trolls makes me lose it, an head downstairs with all the determination of Hulk Hogan heading to the ring to reclaim his title against the undertaker in 91'. I wrap on the suspected pricks culprets door, no answer so I knock again, this time harder and I hear whispering inside but still no answer, theres nothing for it..I open the letter box and shout through "come out an know, like adults do", more whispering ensues but still no response, again through the letter box I bellow  "put one more letter through my door and I'll put one more fist in your face!" which does get a response informing me that the police have been called and I'll be arrested imminently, my reply was "yeah course I will sweetheart!" and  return to my night and wait for the filth, who unsurprisingly never arrive.

               It would be natural to think I'm preening here to prove how successful a gamer I am..yup! but its actually bullshit I haven't had nearly as much adventure as previous years (largely due to motivation) an my neighbours before have been nothing but welcoming to me.
This country needs to apply a basic spelling test to its visa requirements.
I need soundproofing.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Polish Blond fail

            Daygames been hard lately, due to a stressful financial deal I'm involved with my vibe management has been draining me and going by my results the girls too, being turned over by lazy twats who need constant micro management has me shook and left my vibe is underlined with rage..obviously a huge obstacle, if I didn't know my mad skills I wouldn't be suffering.


             My regular wing is in Lagos moaning about how he can't game, CT is having another meltdown and Cai's game has crashed since finding a tinder girlfriend so I prowl with noobs.

              For a long time I used to enjoy spazzing them out by pulling a fast number close or doing a high pressure open, but now I get nothing from it & I just want to get laid with quality totty not play dancing monkey to a boys club. Youngs & millenniums seem to lack the patience and guts to go toe to toe with the DG grind, I worry this will lead to the scaling back or dying of the daygame arts, guess this has its pro's and cons, pro's being less beginner street harassment and cons being a dip in the refinery and high calibre wings. I suspect the only way this stops is if some media exposure on the upside, unlikely with the increasingly far left British media, wait who's that in the pic below you ask?   you got it its my beautiful body language on Oxford st.

"you look like good girl who's been locked in a leather factory"

                      I'm doing what any self respecting heterosexual guy is doing in summer..trying to bang young girls, after a couple of ok sets to nowhere I see a tall catty blond staring at an undisclosed part of Soho square, I make chase and follow her half way down Greek street before jumping in front an telling her she looks like Snow White an accusing her of losing her 7 dwarfs..I note the sparkle in her eyes an label her a yes or strong maybe, the rest is downhill..we swap numbers an she parts saying "this was the best part of my day" always glad to be of service madam.
Her..(If she'd been hotter) 
                  Three days later when we meet up at Soho square and its hug an bounce to the long acre,I order her to find seats while I get the booze an we're off to a good start as she selects one in a dark corner..trying to build vibe, I accuse the barmaid about being an alcoholic and return to the table carrying alcohol and a smile on my chops, probing her sexuality, I'm met with rigidity but decide to pull her in anyway..she takes it but is holding frame and my senses are starting to whisper that this ain't happening.

              En route to venue 2 she says she has to get up early so I shove her into a pissy doorway and snog her placing her hand on my now hard cock..she rubs reservedly an I'm praying for a buying temperature that could rival a Kilimanjaro volcanic eruption, the kind that leaves Tanzania or in this case her work life in a's my only shot at bundling her into the uber that I just ordered over her shoulder the dopey worn torn countrymen uber twat shows & calls me instead of pulling up in front of wok-to-walk as instructed, I explain while walking that we're going for a night cap before I send her home..

HB pol: whats a night cap?
me: the last drink of the gotta try my raspberry brandy
her: err I should really go..
me: Don't worry I'll get you home one piece
her: erm erm I gotta go..walks away..

              Its burned and I walk home suspecting I escalated too fast an the only way I bang her now is if the gods throw me a gift, still my daygame did its job I tell myself while walking home wondering what kind of porn I'll watch later. +0

Monday, 23 September 2019


            Have a listen to the golden era of music you read this, the Parliament understood.

                 The flashlight has been written about many times and its a pain in the ass.
It follows you like an escaped POW trying to escape the prison compound, when it catches you it feels like everyone watching your every move, its ruined many daygame sessions, particularly solo ones.

                Today you may switch it off briefly and turn in some solid sets that may or may not work out to be fruitful but you know it'll be back tomorrow as you are old friends.

                A close friend and guy once asked by Krauser to come out and wing him is now inactive, he even did a "kill AA event" with Sasha and now doesn't game at all due to his fear of the clubs..Flashlight.

Read this..but I still gave a fuck :( 

                     As everyone knows in big Cities no one gives a shit what you do, so why does Flashlight piss on so many parades? I had a student once who couldn't even ask a girl the time..when I asked why? he said everyone will look at him.

                     After a while of living with flashlight you get an instinct of when it building and it only takes an approach or two to dumb its power, if one of the sets goes well it will often vanish completely, and only then can the indifference threshold be crossed.

indifference threshold

    For a player that wants to turn off the flashlight follow these Shaolin steps to freedom:
  1. Reach slightly outside your grasp, as the months and years go by you better be getting better, otherwise your ass is getting worse.
  2. Live in a way that pays tribute to your talents, you gotta feed them as much stimulation as you can!, otherwise they'll die.
  3. Never ignore the DNA tug, weaseingl some sets is bro big deal but when you get blessed with the fizzy nectar coursing through your veins, don't fuck about, just go.
  4. Always have fun in game/'ll tap more ass, you'll enjoy stuff brainer.
            If you feel shit its down to health,wealth or relationships. Which one is lacking? root it out and spend your time on it, the progress speed of its development will be much less beneficial than the mental boost you'll get from knowing progress is being made, no matter how slow it is.

                    "Just what you want to be, you will be in the end"

Justin Hayward


Saturday, 21 September 2019

The biggest Alpha

Its every gamers goal to be the biggest alpha that they can be..

wanna hit Oxford st?
-Get more access to highest grade pussy possible..
-more control over your own life path..
-no one tends to fuck with you..
or is it a primal urge that has been scribed into us via thousands of years of evolution, that society has stifled over time and only a handful can coax out. Either way its clear that some Men are born with a character that naturally leads, and the vibe one gets from the presents of these select micro group is a unique blend of control,dicision and vision, so here I'm going to rank my top alpha. I worked for him for a year and the vibe that man carried remains the strongest influence thats stuck with me, obviously he's a role model that I've tried to simulate, meeting him when I was 19 was a good thing as strong male role models were scarce, and they still are.

1. Micheal Roux

          Micheal Roux is owner and chef of Le Gavroche  The sheer charisma of the man was mind blowing and insisted on your full attention al all times, his determination to task was intense. Theres no doubt bringing these qualities to the street results in a knee deep in clunge scenario.

I'd be fucking good at daygame..

         I've been watching some Good daygamers lately and have noticed theres a lot of similarities in their vibe, its refreshing to watch, when daygame displays clean authenticity, charisma and dertermination the vibe is as mesmerising to gamers as it is to the bird on the receiving end, its simply pure. The authenticity of it can't be faked by Depak or any other random chump. For some people it can be achieved through natural means like Michel Roux or Steve Jabba but that concept is completely foreign to people like me. The rest of us needed the shrill dose of reality that a thousand street sets gives you to wake the fuck up.

       Gamers greatest weapon to combat 'Gammerness' is Daygame as its real world feedback won't let your train head in the wrong direction for too long.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

LR:Russia with luv

           It's Friday night an I'm gagging for beer so I link up with Kay in Camden. The mans a phenomena..his game is the best and the worst I've ever seen, hearing him qualify himself in almost every set is cringe as fuck, but his social demeanour is undeniably cool and infectious, hiding your dick is no way to game or live though, and I tell him frequently  to seek out a Skeletor session or two even if this means a trip to the highlands.

           The worlds end is teaming with sets and we bounce round opening anything worth while, after a while of this I'm standing with Kay and Ruiz holding court with some American students, one with large bouncy young breasts that have my undivided attention, listening to Kay friend zone himself is too much to bear and it takes literally seconds before the girls start tooling all 3 of us, its tragic! an storm off like a childish pua who's unable to take the judgement of a random girls in his stride..

            Its then I see them by the entrance..two good looking girls both slim and dressed well (out of place in Camden) and hovering near the entrance, the shorter of the two has her back to me as I swan over and introduce myself. I don't feel the love as the taller girl explains in a north English accent "we aving a girls night", my reply "I love a girls night" ploughing on like a Glastonbury headliner who's just been told his last number was shit, the set eventually breaks and after a minute of verbally bamboozlement, I get a good look at her shorter blonder friend and I instantly fancy her and even think "I'd daygame that", an evil plan starts to form. 

She wants to crush the capitalist pigs..
            I notice Ruiz approaching and know I'll need to do the proactive switch before he gets hook, as his observation is non existent, spouting some crap I introduce Ruiz to the northerner an step over to the friend who looks shocked but intrigued (she later tells me she loved this move), it was smooth as fuck in my head but obviously wasn't in reality, in any case its eye fucking time an I find out this bird is Russian and owns a perfectly proportioned petit frame that takes me exactly a nano-second to decide if the doors open I'm gonna smash the shit out of, I'm moving her around once in a while and close the distance so our legs are touching, she basks in the sexual attention and soaks it up (a Krauser cat).


           We chat more an swap numbers, and Kay shows and dominates the frame with his infectious vibe and sub zero game. I watch the girls starring at him, its all chill as I've already confirmed that logistically nothing is happening tonight as their en route to a party in Hoxton, I mentally note the northerner is eyeing him up like a cat eyeing up a fish finger, my suspicions are confirmed a few days later when I meet the Russian (27) an she tells me "(her name) well fancies your bald friend"..what followed was a short date at Shaka Zulu with a dirty touchy make out & amp n bounce to her place which is the nicest flat I've been to in London, this place was the shit, views over Camden lock and perfectly presented high grade refurb, all shared with her mentally unstable but hot an fuckable Ukrainian flatmate. I also learn I'll be the first to handle her new boobs implanted only 8 days ago, I treat them as gently as my horny hands allow and I spend half a second wondering if the scar is sore, but then bang her hard an cum on them anyway.

Not much game here, but one of those experiences that make you realise its normally hard and vicious out there, but sometimes games just fucking easy.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

LR:Squirrels and cherries

           My hangover is rampant as I board the tube to meet CT in central, he's asked me to approach coach him an I can't help wondering if he's better off staying in bed as I know his adversity to hard unpaid work, a good job usually teaches men that unfortunately, skiving bastards like me have learned to learn our passions, I often wonder why more people don't find a way to do it?. I force through a set and grimace as I can't think of anything to say after the open. that was rubbish. An my mate begged me to teach him this shit!.
Look into my eyes..
                We meet at a coffee shop an its flat whites all round, he's talking but I hear the apprehension in his voice, I suggest we get a table outside and as we do I see a short latin cutee walk past..I'm on it and chase her down using a variation of the stolen from Krauser 'Squirrel opener' she stops and stares in my eyes like I'm a hypnotist, I suddenly forget all the wobbles and am reunited with my love of DG, I take her number..
                CT seems impressed and I am happy that I didn't bin off the session and stay in bed.
              Its a few days later when I meet Italian squirrel at the punch and Judy, she looks so young and small that I wonder if I'm in puedo territory. I'm relived when I find out she's 19 and new to the city, after a drink I try to move forward but she is firm about going so I walk her to the tube and ask her to text me when she gets home, she does..
                      looking for acorns under my neck..
                    We meet up at Holborn tube, we draw some looks from a group of bunny boiler mid 30's women, their irrelevant judgement ignored, its into the Shakespeare for cheap alcohol. Its bright and fairly loud an we squeeze into a back sofa & I play the questions game and find out she's a virgin, when she tells me this she says it very resolutely, as if its played on her mind a lot and she's made a firm decision, she tells me she had a Catholic boyfriend who didn't want to poke before marriage, Jesus I think, religion has fucked over so many lives, I pull her in and make slow chit chat and I am really feeling this girl and hope she'll fuck. The bounce back is shut down when she tells me I have to get up at 7am and I again take her to the station, we make out before she departs, walking home I feel the love for women flowing.

               My Boss gets me in the office the next day to give me a dressing down about some trivial crap and I sit as disassociated as a rape victim in crown court, listening as little as possible until he finishes his rant, definitely a bonus of street game, the emotional control I mean, people just can't get in your head as easily, Ive literally had people about to punch me and I've maintained my composure, I've found this either de-escalates the situation or makes steam come out of ears and they wanting to punch you even harder. Since getting beaten up to almost death (separate post coming) I stepped up my boxing and general fighting so this attitude barely registers in my ras.

                 I meet Hb squirrel/Steph at Green park tube after work and its a clear warm day so we lay in the park, its bloody nice having dates with a girl youthful and undamaged but I struggle to make it sexual but vow to at least try to get her back to mine this time, I stand up and take her hand pulling her up and start walking towards the tube talking to her the whole time,we make it on the tube and I am feeling fireworks going off in my belly..until she asks "where we're going?"

                 I tell her I'm going to show her east London and she takes it but I see cogs turning and turn up the sooth conversation, we change for the tubes at Holborn and I think "bollocks" as I find out the central line is having maintenance works and isn't running but she follows me onto the replacement bus service without a peep, as it trundles through east London I am talking the whole time trying to occupy the cockblock hamster so it has no room to fuck up my day/lay, my lucks still rolling as the bus actually stops right outside my house and I point this out as a passing comment and casually say "lets go get some water at my place its only there", inside my flat its still so chilled and I start wondering if this girl has actually got any idea whats coming imminently, we cook pasta together and I get her chopping basil and mozzarella telling her "English people make the best pasta in the world" its funny and also utter bullshit as anyone who's had the misfortune to have eaten my brothers lasagne knows, finishing our food I give her a few minutes and pull her in and we make out with my hands exploring her tits with 0 protest, their small but firm and feel great in my hands and this is illustrated by the bulge in my pants, I place her hand on it through my jeans and she touches me carefully, its all smooth sailing as I take her into the bedroom and start removing her clothes and whiping off mine too and she stares at my hard on with what I imagine is a mix of curiosity and fear, we make out and I put her hand on it again and touch her up, surprised by how dry her pussy is, I'm shoving my fingers in and can feel the warm dampness but its not getting any wetter so I think ok its had time goes..I attempt to get it in but its painfully tight and with each attempt she looks like she's being stabbed by a kitchen knife, after persevering, this goes on for 10-15 mins until I give up and lay back encouraging her to suck me off which she does, its a toothy affair and abit painful so I pull her off in the end and get her to jerking it off, I want to cum in her mouth but she doesn't understand and when I repeat myself she says "No!!" so I cum on her waist instead, its satisfying lying there with a teenager drinking coconut juice,kissing and talking about trivial life stuff.

She leaves and texts me that night

"thanks for you being nice guy today,I'm sorry about sex was not good, good night x"

-very cute, I feel warm but secretly hope this doesn't interfere with my daygame progress in some way.

age difference alert?..

I don't have to work for the next date I know she wants to pop her cherry and we finally do it after 1 more failed attempt, we actually high five after the deed and she celebrate's saying
"I actually had sex!".

LR:ze Germans are cumming

"Its Friday night and I feel alright" as Montell Jorden once rapped before his mind was claimed by fanatical crew are subdued and are a mix of gamers and normals that all know me as the guy that try and sometimes succeeds in banging girls so I don't feel the usual weirdness some normals put me through if they see blowouts, makeouts or anything veering away from "normality".
                     I'm getting suckered into the lethargy so promise myself I'll get off the fence in the next pub, after stepping through the door I approach the first two girls I see with "you guys look interesting", they are leaning on the 'one armed bandit' as I accuse them of being gamblers who my mum warned me about, we have a vibe less 2 min chat and I return to my group, the normals annoying ask if I got 'blown out'?. Its all extremes with normals viewing game, get a number or lay and your God,get blown out and they recluse into the satisfactory reassurance that we're all wasting our time & dignity, drinks arrive an my compadres and I share some flat tasteless hipster beer..

                     I notice that no-one else in the group seems willing or capable of gaming tonight but I am horny and won't be lulled into their slothful in action. Outside the pub I commandeer a hired gun and start hitting on her aggressively..the space between us has the width of Tom da bombs cock as I revel in the sexual cockiness, she's giggling but somethings afoot until she shuts me down when I go for her number.."you can have it if I see you again" and adds herself on facebook..I depart catching up to the rest of the group outside a supermarket where Dave is buying cigarettes..its then I see her:

                     She's long and tall and has straight blonde hair down to her ribcage and despite her unflattering clothes her perfect skinny young body will not be denied. I gulp as I feel a strong and unmistakable DNA tug.. I walk beside her an step in front of her with practised effortlessness..

Me: "Did your silver shoes come with sunglasses?.."

Amy:"No"-very flat delivery but not at all dismissive.

Me: "I'm not sure my eyes can handle looking at them,I'll go blind!..your not English are you?"

Amy:"No I'm German,from a small place called Bremen"

Me:blah blah blah number close

Napoleon sindrome evaparation

                        Its at this point we are interrupted by a stocky black guy who hands her a bottle of beer and I greet him warmly as my group befriend him brilliantly..Constant traveler has the best winging skills I've even seen, despite his game hitting seemingly insurmountable brick walls he has helped my penis hit home more than any other wing and this night was just another solid example of our evolved comradeship.

                      The friend's integrating well with my group so we all stick together an I ease off the pick up and slot into the leading the group to a nearby bar to the chorus of "its your night man" I cringe at the over wingmanship here, we grab drinks I isolate Amy in the smoking area, she's shy but also hands down the hottest girl in the bar, the misery is evident in the boys eyes as the talent is of a shockingly low standard in comparison. She's showing curiosity but seems flummoxed whenever her dark skinned friend appears- which is often, I text Tom and explain I need a another venue an that we'll hang at the back so I can isolate her stealthily and he nods as I lead my new German following as if I was David hasslehoff an we get our coats.
                     The selected next venue is perfection with its dark corners and pillars everywhere my groups social skills manage to sucker our dark skinned friends attention as I pull Amy into a corner and tell her I want to make out (pretty chode but she's half a foot taller than me so unless I use a barstool she'll have to bend that giraffe like posture to accommodate) which she does and I feel a firm resolution in my pants that confirms I'm highly attracted to this young lass..
                        She uses the toilet and I find CT and explain I'm going for extraction which is a huge play I'm apprehensive about seeing as she's out with another guy who obviously fancies her,but I resolve I have to attempt..when she gets back we chill with our drinks then I pull the trigger and thats when things get a bit fucked up outside the bar. I'm now gripping my girls hand as I bid farewell to the group..

Me:Ok guys me and Amy are going this way see you later..

Non game friend:What you and her are leaving together? (Moronic calibration)

Me:Thats right,see you soon..

Dark German guy:Amy are you ok? want to catch the bus with me?

Amy:(looks confused) I'm alright I think..

Me:Yeah thanks man we'll be good, nice meeting you! and with that I tug her hand and walk her to a near by arches to harass her without distraction..she's shy but so up my street I feel like I've hit jackpot! Feels on as I walk her to the bus stop which is overrun by crusty lefty Shoreditch young's all probably drunk on vegan larger, I'm skint and don't want to cab it, finally the bus arrives and we jump on and I play music through shared earphones..I feeling as excited as jimmy Savile in a children's ward as the bus tours through east London towards my pad..

Back at mine we make out in bed and its going swimmingly until the period protest rears it fucking annoying head,I'm gutted but enjoy her wanking me off while I paw at her perfectly shaped 19 y/o boobs.

We smoke up and I take her to the tube in the morning (still unfucked), I close her for the first time a few days later, her body was epically beautiful.

2017 update:I ended up dating this girl for two years in an open relationship before her calling time on it..after her dumping me I fucked a girlfriend of hers. We often said 'I love you" to each other and I felt aload of hardcore affection for her. Despite me being the second guy to bang her the sex was amongst the best of my life,largely due to her hotness-a level Ive never previously had access to. I also gelled with her parents who liked me a lot as I think they felt I was a stable in her life?'s us at her mums wedding-the marriage lasted 11 months lol.

She was wearing heels..I swear!